Collection List

  • Aggie

    This is my second pair and I can tell this ones are thinner than the first I bought. Natural looking nice blue color, dentist picture lol

  • Alice

    Son muy bonitos creo que se ven muy naturales y también son muy cómodos

  • Belle

    Absolutely love TTDeye lenses. Extremely comfortable and the customer service team is awesome!

  • Camilla

    I have been wearing prescription contact lenses since I was 12 years old. I have tried many brands and colors, this brand is becoming my favorite. I bought 3 pairs: trinity green, egypt blue and pearl grey. This gray color is very nice and unlike other brands that light colors look a bit like halloween costume, these contact lenses look very nice, even natural. I recommend buying moisturizing drops if, like me, you wear them for more than 8 hours, because like any contact lens that is used for a long time, they should be moisturized to avoid discomfort or movement.